Wanna become an Emergency First Response Instructor?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2012

Wanna become an Emergency First Response Instructor?

At Trawangan Dive, we love to teach the EFRI course! Any opportunity to mix up some fake sick and get the tomato ketchup out, and we’re on it! And with not just one but three Emergency First Response Instructor Trainers at the dive resort, we’ve got lots of experience to share with you.

The course provides Emergency First Responders with the additional training necessary to teach EFR Primary and Secondary Care First Aid and EFR Care For Children courses.

This instructor program builds not only on your skills as Primary and Secondary Care providers but also focuses on developing your instructional abilities. With a combination of independent study, classroom sessions and practical teaching assignments you will learn how to conduct the entire EFR program.

PADI Instructors and Divemasters

If you are planning on becoming a PADI Instructor, you are also required to be an EFR Instructor. If you became a PADI Instructor before the pre-requisite was introduced or need to renew your certification, you probably already know that it is of great value to be an EFR Instructor.

Many PADI Divemasters become EFR Instructors because of the increased employment opportunities available to them. Completing the course well in advance of a planned IDC can help to reduce your workload and stress level.

Marketing ideas

At Trawangan Dive we will also give advice and guidance on how to effectively market and recruit students for both these courses increasing not only your employment possibilities but also your income potential whether you work full or part time within the diving industry. The classroom sessions of the EFRI course are divided into easy to follow modules like all PADI courses and you will be assigned to present and demonstrate a section of these modules to your Instructor Trainer and the other course candidates.


Whilst Trawangan Dive offers regularly scheduled EFR Instructor courses combined with their PADI IDCs, we can also offer them as standalone courses by request. The course takes 1-2 days.

EFRI prerequisites

  • Have completed a sanctioned course in adult CPR within the past 24 months
  • Have completed a sanctioned course in basic first aid within the past 24 months

We can teach PADI Emergency First Response in advance if needed.

For more information, check out the EFR Instructor course page, check out our prices or drop us a line!