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[blockquote cite=”Anne-Louise Krogen, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor”]I came to Gili Trawangan with a couple of weeks before the IDC started, and the first person I met was Ayala, who took me around the dive center, introduced me to my fellow IDC candidates and informed me all about what was going to happen during the 2 weeks of the IDC. Already before the IDC started I could tell that Ayala and the whole IDC course were going to be worth everything. The course itself was very intense, but I really felt like I learned so much. Ayala was hard but fair and a great help whenever there was something I could not understand or figure out. All this helped me taken every single moment very serious. On my course we were lucky to have Ellie and Donna who were doing their IDC Staff instructor, and they also help us and Ayala a lot, and it was great to get other dive professionals thoughts and help with our presentations. When the day of the IE came, I was of cause nervous. But all of us realized that because of Ayala’s way of teaching us, the IE was the easiest presentations we had ever done. It was great to see our IE and the fact that we all passed meant so much to Ayala. You really get the feeling that she cares about her work and the IDC candidates. After passing my IDC I now work as a freelance instructor, and whenever I am in doubt about something, I can always get help from Ayala. So even when you have finished your course, Ayala still cares.[/blockquote]

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[blockquote cite=”James Wells, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor”]Ayala was a true professional. She taught me so much which has helped me beyond just becoming a scuba diving instructor. From the moment we began our course it was easy to see why she has such an amazing track record for pass rates. With her effort and commitment to her students, how could I ever fail? She helped me so much that when I arrived for the Instructor Examination, all the nerves I felt turned to a quiet confidence which you could see compared to the other candidates at the examination. I would say by the end of this I had found a true friend and thanks to her help, I know I can succeed in my career as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Now I am working as a full time instructor and this is thanks to Ayala and my IDC at Trawangan Dive.[/blockquote]

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[blockquote cite=”Nick Gregory and Helen Gillespie, PADI Divemasters”]We chose Trawangan Dive to do our Divemaster course as their initial correspondence was top notch and they didn’t seem at all fazed by the fact that we were both Deaf. Throughout our course, all of the instructors were professional, readily available and when asked upon they were really thorough. The Divemaster course was challenging at times but the staff were always on hand to instil confidence. We were given ample opportunity to ‘work’ as a Divemaster under the eager eyes of our instructors, giving us real life situations such as guiding dives, loading the boat, assisting with equipment and assisting on courses. We were also asked to assist with a Shark Awareness video and we thoroughly enjoyed this; this made us feel like one of the team! Based on our experience; we are seriously considering doing our IDC at Trawangan Dive. This is because Trawangan Dive are committed to small group sizes which enables the Course Director, Ayala to give a personal touch to the IDC.[/blockquote]

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[blockquote cite=”Philip Moores, PADI IDC Staff Instructor”]I did my IDC at Trawangan Dive with Ayala in August 2010. I’d been keen to become a dive instructor for a while but wanted to find the right Course Director. I’d met different Course Directors in Thailand, all of which had been running IDC’s for years, but I couldn’t escape that feeling of just being a number, another candidate to run through the IDC factory. The IDC with Ayala couldn’t have been more different. With a smaller group size, there was more time for one-to-one counseling and more opportunities to practice our skills, whether in the classroom, in the pool or in open water. I was impressed by Ayala’s dedication as she spent literally hours teaching dive theory to another candidate who only had a basic grasp of English. When I arrived at the Instructor Examination, I felt more than prepared to cope with the demands of it, and sailed through the two-day process coming out with near perfect scores. Shortly after the IE, I accepted a full-time position as a dive instructor and have not looked back since![/blockquote]

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[blockquote cite=”Mike Smith, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor”]My name’s Mike and I teach Paramedics in the UK. I was lucky enough to get some time off work so I decided to fulfill a long term ambition to become a Dive instructor. I had three months and was an Advanced Open water Diver but with only 24 dives, so basically I had a lot of work to do! I had taken my Advanced course in Gili Trawangan the year before and really liked the island, I’d spent one afternoon with my girlfriend at the pool bar in Trawangan Dive and really liked the vibe of the place. So knowing no more than they had a funky pool bar, I signed up for my Rescue, Divemaster and Instructor Courses. Straight away, even while I was still in the UK, the team there couldn’t have been more helpful, answering e-mails about all sorts of questions I had. And as soon as I arrived I knew I’d made the right decision, the people were just magic. Really friendly and made me feel right at home. Trawangan Dive is a really nice place to hang out, the food is great and the staff are fabulous, lots of whom would become good friends. It became apparent very quickly that although the instructors there are fun and easy going there also very professional and really good at their job. I’m a teacher for a living so I can say with some level of appreciation that the quality of teaching here is excellent. The instructors are all very different characters, with their own style but all of them will look after you and make sure you get the most out of your experience. I spent the next few months learning so much, I’d always just followed the person at the front and switched off, now I was the person at the front and it gave me such an appreciation for the responsibility that goes with the job and why you need professional people around you. Finally it came to my instructor course, I’d done my Rescue course and was now a qualified Divemaster. I’d also partied a lot and had an all round brilliant time. As I’ve already said I teach for a living so I can say, and know what I’m talking about that Ayala a bloody amazing teacher! If you do your IDC with her you will have no excuse not to pass, she will teach you all you need to know and make sure you are fully prepared for you exam. I knew very little about the place and took a chance and it was a great decision.[/blockquote]