Cuttlefish at Halik Reef, Gili Trawangan

These beautiful cuttlefish are a common site around the Gili islands.

Jackfish at Shark Point

we often find schools of jacks, barracuda and white tip reef sharks at Shark Point.

Leaf scorpionfish

This little leaf scorpionfish was found at Bounty Wreck, Gili Meno.

Green turtle at Sunset Reef

Many turtles can be found around all of the three Gili islands




Chevron barracuda at Shark Point

At Deep Shark Point divers are frequently surrounded by schools of barracuda.

A beautiful lionfish on Meno Wall.

A beautiful lionfish found on Meno Wall. A fantastic wall dive just off of Gili Meno.

Pygmy seahorse at Simon's Reef

Our talented PADI Instructors and Divemasters can show you a pygmy seahorse.

Bronze soldierfish at Gili Air Wall

Bronze soldierfish can sometimes be seen at Hans Reef, Gili Air.




White tip reef shark at Shark Point

You can find white tip and black reef sharks around the Gili islands

Manta ray at Sunset reef

If you’re lucky, in the low season, you can spot Manta rays at Sunset reef

Colourful nudibranch

There are loads of different nudibranchs on the dive sites around the Gili islands.

Eagle ray at Deep Turbo

At Deep Turbo divers sometimes see eagle rays and devil rays swimming overhead.