PADI IDC Indonesia Career Development | IDC + Biorock Coral Conservation program | Trawangan Dive

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014

PADI IDC Indonesia Career Development | IDC + Biorock Coral Conservation program | Trawangan Dive

Are you a PADI Divemaster looking to become a PADI Instructor? Are you into marine conservation? We can help with our brand new IDC + Biorock Coral Conservation Career Development Program.

The entire program is held at Trawangan Dive Center, the only PADI Career Development Center (CDC) in the Gili Islands. The PADI IDC Gili Islands will not only teach you the entire PADI syllabus, but will teach how to become a successful PADI Instructor. Candidates are trained to the highest possible standard, to a far superior level than that generally expected within industry. Although the course runs each and every month on a 10 day schedule, candidates are encouraged to arrive a minimum of 4 days prior to the course for the pre course preparation workshop.

The Biorock program is a two week conservation course and is a great idea if you have a passion for the environment and wish to combine this with a career as an instructor. The course teaches you about general environmental conditions and ways in which they can be identified and protected. Students will look at the way in which the reefs have been protected in the Gili Islands and see first-hand the effect this has had on the immediate environment. Students will also participate in coral gardening workshops collecting the broken but living pieces of coral debris and reattaching these to the current Biorock structures. The Biorock technology involves inducing a low and safe electrical current to a series of structure designed to enhance the growth of coral. The program teaches about the technology and the processes involved with the Biorock system and about maintaining, preserving and developing the Biorock structures. By the end of the course students will have built, submerged and fully set up a working Biorock system.

This course is a great program for those who want to develop a career as a PADI Instructor whilst also working within the marine conservation area at the same time. To find out more about the program contact our PADI IDC Course Director. To find out more about the PADI IDC Course check out the website or find us on our PADI IDC Gili Islands Facebook Page.